8:00 AM


9:00 AM

Welcome Remarks by MS Events

9:05 AM

Opening Remarks by Conference Chairman

9:10 AM

Opening Keynote
UAE’s vision 2050: The journey to a net-zero world – Challenges and Opportunities
With several nations committing to net zero, there is an overarching thought as to how this is going to be achieved. Is there a road map in place and what sort of technological, regulatory and policy prescriptions are being chalked out to comply with the principles of Paris climate deal?

  • Building roadmap to accelerate national economic development of UAE by implementing
    strategic initiatives
  • Preparing for long-term strategies to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Limiting the rise in global temperature to 1.5 C compared to pre-industrial levels

Eng. Aisha Mohamed Al Abdooli, Director of Green Development & Environmental Affairs Department, Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, UAE

9:30 AM

Presentation Session
Understanding the benefits of Green IT and sustainable practices

  • Collaboration and partnerships for a more sustainable future in the technology industry
  • Addressing challenges and barriers to achieving sustainability in IT operations
  • The importance of data center sustainability and reducing carbon emissions

Joy Paul, Regional Leader -Analytics, AI, Risk & ESG, Gulf Business Machines

9:50 AM

Panel Discussion
The Green Economy: Pioneering the Path to Net-Zero

  • Role of leadership towards climate change
  • Public and private company collaboration towards Net Zero
  • Environmental aspects in tunnel design
  • Towards a Sustainable Aluminium Industry
  • Decentralization, decarbonization, and digitalization of the energy sector

Bilal Lodhia, Enterprise IT Security Manager, Gargash Group

Noura Almaazmi, Acting Head of Technical System Development & Support, Dubai Municipality
Faiza ALHarthy, Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Head, Oman Vision 2040 Implementation Unit
Salwa Al Maflahi, Director – Sustainability & CSR, Aldar Properties
Dr. Eng. Hani Hossni, Founder and CEO, ITALCO Aluminium
Eng. Mohammed Al Ta’ani, Secretary General, Arab Renewable Energy Commission (AREC) & the Vice Chairman,
Jordanian Renewable Energy Society (JRES), 

10:35 AM

Presentation Session
Charting the Path to Sustainable Aviation: Dubai Airport’s Commitment and Plans

  • The challenges and opportunities to decarbonise the aviation sector.
  • The role Dubai Airports is taking in supporting in aviation decarbonisation
  • Discussing the long-term sustainability goals and objectives
  • Discussing innovative approaches to enhance energy efficiency in airport operations

Sven Deckers, Director Strategy, Dubai Aiports

10:55 AM

Fire – Side Chat
The rising role of Sustainable Technologies and Materials in facilitating a clean energy transition and Net Zero

Achieving net zero targets requires a paradigm shift in the way we have been dealing with our tried and tested energy systems and materials. Recent inventions, innovations and technologies in material sciences have paved the way for several path breaking materials and technologies that are not merely smart but sustainable too. Assimilating them across sectors right through the supply chain brings about a drastic reduction to the energy demand and hence associated emissions.

  • Clean Energy and Decarbonization Technologies
  • Smart Materials and Innovations
  • Confluence of sustainable materials and circular economy with SDGs and Net Zero economy
  • Understanding the steps for sourcing low carbon materials across various key sectors including power, transportation and construction and others

Sultan Sauod Alharthi, Head Sustainable Building Section, Abu Dhabi City Muncipality

Fazil Abdul Rahiman, Group VP Sustainability & Climate Change, TAQA

11:20 AM

Coffee and Networking Break

11:40 AM

Presentation Session
Exploring Sustainable and Green Finance to help a successful transition to a climate resilient economy

Green and sustainable finance facilitate the flow of capital into sectors, thereby helping enterprises, investments, initiatives, and technology to contribute to a low-carbon, sustainable world. Not only does it help in mitigation but greatly builds up the capacity to adapt to a changing world.

  • Understanding the need for green and sustainable finance
  • Opportunities and Challenges 
  • Green Sukuk (in renewable and other environment assets)
  • Greenwashing and its repercussions on the financial sector in the Arab Countries

Lawrence Paramsivam, Senior Executive Director, Policy & Legal, Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) 

12:00 PM

ESG Panel Discussion
Recognizing the importance of being an ESG compliant business to help safeguard businesses from future climate risks.

  • Breaking down the components of ESG – Environment, Social and Governance
  • Emerging regulatory trends.
  • Identifying the best suited ESG framework and solutions.

Ahmed Al Amra, Country Representative, The Global Green Growth Institute GGGI

Lindsey Malcom, 
Associate Director and Sustainability Lead, Middle East Turner & Townsend
Hani Adnan, Associate Director, AESG 
Ivanno Ianelli, Senior Advisor to the CEO, Emirates Global Aluminium
Dina Epifanova,
Global Head of Sustainability, IFFCO Group 

12:45 PM

Panel Discussion
Building to COP 28.
For a Zero Emissions and Resilient Build Environment, regions and cities

  • The road to COP 28: Progress, Challenges and Opportunities on the path to Net Zero 2050
  • Net-zero building design and construction
  • How COP28 can translate climate action into tangible results

Dana Dadoush, Sustainability Specialist, Chalhoub Group

Matt Brown,
Chief Sustainability Officer, Expo City Dubai
Chris Wan, Associate Director, Sustainability and CSR, Masdar City
Abdullatif Albitawi, Director, Emirates Green Building Council

13:30 PM

Panel Discussion
Green Public Transport: The fight for Net zero in the Transportation ecosystem

  • Understanding the implications, challenges, and solutions around reducing emissions.
  • Current technological innovations and strategies that have been successfully deployed.
  • Future Energy sources / Fuels
  • Public transport’s role when it comes to road safety and environmental protection

Dr. Jagannathan Ramaswamy, Senior General Manager – Sustainability, Sobha Realty

Sven Deckers,
Director Strategy, Dubai Airports
Asli Erbas, IBM Sustainability Software Sales Lead, IBM Technology Gulf, Levant, Pakistan and Turkey
Yousef Abbas, Senior Sustainability Specialist, Abu Dhabi Ports

14:15 PM

Networking Lunch & End of Day 1




8:00 AM


9:00 AM

Welcome Remarks by MS Events

9:05 AM

Opening Remarks by Conference Chairman

9:15 AM

Opening Keynote

The Energy Transition Journey Towards Net-Zero Goal: What is the roadmap to ensure effective pathway?

  • The essential elements currently being formulated to support the global and regional low carbon economies.
  • The regional transformation trend to integrate new fuel technologies including renewable and hydrogen.
  • Dubai’s transition journey towards to achieve security of supply while attracting major-private investors under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model.
  • Share specific policies, projects and statistics on Clean Energy Strategy, Dubai Green Mobility Strategy and Carbon abatement Strategy as ‘enablers’ for pursuing Green Economy”.

Taher Diab, Senior Director of Strategy & Planning, Dubai Supreme Council of Energy

9:35 AM

Presentation Session

Unlocking the Potential of Sustainable and Green Finance for a Climate-Resilient Economy

 Green and sustainable finance play a pivotal role in channeling capital towards sectors that promote a low-carbon and sustainable future. By facilitating investments, initiatives, and technology, it enables enterprises to contribute to a resilient, climate-conscious economy. In addition to supporting mitigation efforts, it enhances our ability to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

  • The Importance of Green and Sustainable Finance: Understanding the essential role of green and sustainable finance in driving the transition to a climate-resilient economy.
  • Opportunities and Challenges: Exploring the opportunities presented by green and sustainable finance, while addressing the challenges that stakeholders may encounter in implementing such strategies.

 Venty Mulani, Sustainable Fixed Income Specialist, Bloomberg LP

9:55 AM

Panel Discussion

Role of Water in helping to achieve Climate Goals 

  • Examining the role of water reuse, recycle and sanitization to help achieve climate goals
  • Aligning and scaling up financing flows for water security and climate action
  • Enabling large-scale restoration of critical wetland systems
  • Ensuring sustainable, universal and fair access to water, sanitation and hygiene through just and inclusive water governance
  • Implementing policies that enable the complete and net-zero treatment, reuse and recycling of wastewater

Eng. Hebah Abbas, Technical Advisor and Head of Sustainability Committee, Kuwait Water Association
Hélène Coulon, General Manager, Moalajah
Eng. Aaesha Saeed  Ali Alshehhi, Director Water Production, Etihad Water and Electricity

Nour Hassan, Podcast Host & Founder of Media Agency, Radical Contemporary

10:40 AM

Navigating Towards a Net-Zero Ocean: Preserving Our Blue Planet for Future Generations

 Toby Gregory, Founder and Project Director, Arabian Ocean Rowing Team

11:00 AM

Coffee and Networking Break

11:30 AM

Collaborative Partnerships for Climate Action: Engaging Governments, Businesses, and Communities in the Net-Zero Journey

Ahmed Al Amra, Country Representative, The Global Green Growth Institute GGGI

11:50 AM

Chart the Path to COP28: Lessons from COP27 and Global Preparations

Nour Hassan, Podcast Host & Founder of Media Agency, Radical Contemporary

12:10 PM

Closing Remarks

12:20 PM

Networking Lunch & End of Day 2

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