Sustainability Pioneer in Aviation Sector

The Aviation sector poses major challenges to reducing emissions, due to their reliance on oil-based fuels. Although progress is being made on a limited scale, they   appear to remain largely reliant on fossil fuels due to the large energy needed.

DACA 2022 - Sustainability Pioneer in Aviation Sector Award aims to reward airlines, airports and allied entities that are not only successful but have also provided industry leadership in adjusting to a new environmental challenge. This is of specific relevance on the back of the covid pandemic that has caused significant industry upheavals bringing the resilience to spotlight.

This award recognizes the Group’s contributions towards the building of a greener and more environmentally sustainable aviation industry. That could include measures or technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimize land, water and air pollution, or to enhance air quality. Particular weight will be given to companies that can demonstrate important initiatives that will accelerate aviation industry’s journey to carbon neutrality. This is an award for a company or institution that can clearly demonstrate how it has innovated to improve its environmental performance and develop strategies that offer new directions for others to take up.

Innovation is vital to success in the aviation business and this award will recognize a project, product or process that is demonstrably new and innovative, and which has contributed to the sustainability.

The judges will be looking for a clear plan and evidence that it is delivering on core objectives. Make sure you explain the targets you have set, and how far have you gone in achieving them and if possible, please show hard statistics demonstrating year-on-year comparisons. The judges are looking for companies and organizations that have introduced measures to reduce CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, carbon footprint, noise abatement etc. Each company must submit evidence for the size and nature of the organization where the work is carried out, its principal products / services. Please detail any specific sustainability initiative and what it has achieved to date, paying particular attention to the criteria.

Who can participate?

This award is open to any aviation entity or a company with a significant business presence in the region and its activities must have a direct impact on MENA related operations, services and the economy. The participant must have developed or implemented a new scheme, system or process in the last 12 months, which significantly improved sustainability and environmental performance in their respective sector.

​It will also be open to those companies that have introduced more environmentally sustainable ways of working, or which have carried out specific projects to protect, or repair parts of the natural environment damaged by, or at risk from aviation activity.

Aviation operators that have shown leadership in supply chain sustainability and who have taken sustainability from a tick box activity to a true business principle are welcome to participate. Examples of sustainable initiatives that have seen a complementary benefit in KPIs across the business are welcome and all successful entries will have to show how they engaged in stakeholder collaboration to ensure their environmental ambitions were echoed by key supply chain partners.