Sustainability Leader in Transportation Sector

DACA 2022-'Sustainability Leader in Transportation Sector' recognizes the leadership in transportation sector achieved through strategizing, reporting and reducing carbon impacts. Included in this are those related to publishing robust targets to manage performance, those that are aligning with global energy transition commitments, and those that are demonstrating true leadership in innovative ways.

The main focus of this category is adoption of sustainable transport concepts and standards within the domain of businesses and cities and aims to shed light on the initiatives and trends adopted in developing the infrastructure to serve sustainable transport. The emphasis is on initiatives and practices that have helped in increasing the efficiency of using different types of transportation means in terms of decreasing the level and impact of air pollution, reduction in number of regular trips made by private vehicles, efficient fleet management, increase in the use of non-motorized mode of transport such as walking & cycling as well as strategies that aim to decrease the level and impact of pollution resulting from discarded fuels, lubricants, tires, batteries and other types of wastes of transport modes.

This award celebrates projects, schemes, products or strategies delivered or developed by transportation industry that can demonstrate a contribution to sustainable working practices, that have mitigated climate change through carbon reduction and that have created environmental benefits with either a global or local impact. In short it opens the platform for companies to demonstrate their alignment of economic, ecological and social aspects. This covers a wide range of approaches including implementing efficient fleet management, using energy from renewable resources and fitting fuel-efficient tires to eco-friendly fleets in a way that sustainable practices get ingrained into making the businesses profitable.

Who can participate?
This award is open to governments, authorities, companies, businesses and other relevant entities in the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable transportation and award exceptional strategies and collaborations with regards to transport. The entries may include sustainable product innovation & development, use of sustainability measures in project and transport planning and assessments, organizations that have created and implemented ambitious climate change strategies and targets above and beyond industry standards, Infrastructure projects that have delivered sustainable benefits above good industry practice and have had sustainability as a main focus.