Sustainability and Innovation Pioneer in Water Sector

Water is one of the most vital components of our planet and plays a crucial role in balancing economic growth and social developments. Water essentially serves as a DNA of livelihood for more than 70% of the population engaged in the agriculture sector. It also plays an important role in industries such as textile, leather, food processing, etc. that are directly dependent on water. Water, therefore, has a multitude of linkages with the country's economic health. Furthermore, through its role in food security, energy security, and health, water ensures the right to life for all citizens. The earth has an abundance of water, but unfortunately, only a small percentage (about 0.3 percent), is even usable by humans. This brings to focus the urgent need to preserve this precious and finite source as much as it is humanly possible by way of water management, water use efficiency, and water conservation.

Environmental improvement is at the very core of the water sector necessitating continued and ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental improvement over a period of time. Innovation too has never been higher on the water industry's agenda than it is now, and if it is to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, the sector needs to become adept at finding new approaches, technologies and ways of working.

DACA 2022 - 'Sustainability and Innovation Pioneer in Water Sector' rewards water projects that have shown stewardship involving technical, process or management innovation that was carried out in the year 2021.It evaluates commitment and excellence in all kinds of new ideas, approaches, processes, products, services, technologies, and other types of innovations in the water sector which besides promising to provide solutions to the issues at hand has the potential to address SDGs.

It further aims to recognize and encourage various stakeholders who are leading the regional movement for the Sustainable Development Goals in the most transformative, impactful and innovative way. It encourages various stakeholders who are leading the regional movement for the Sustainable Development Goals in the most transformative, impactful and innovative way.

The company, project, or initiative must be able to demonstrate a significant contribution to the water industry. Specific factors to highlight are: improved operations and energy efficiency, technological innovation and the implementation of sustainable financial models. The outcomes of the project or initiative must have been reported in 2021.

Who can participate?
The Award is open to companies of ALL sizes. The initiative, project and/or campaign should either be ongoing or have been completed during 2021 in and around the following areas

  • Water treatment and Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Water efficiency in industrial sector
  • Water efficiency in agricultural sector
  • Water management in domestic sector

Applications which demonstrate active promotion of diversity and collaboration are particularly welcomed. This is also applicable to major suppliers and integrators that carried out the transition plans in collaboration with the water industries.

The judges will want to know how your initiative, product, technology or management approach made a difference, so please outline the challenge at the outset, before explaining how the project has improved the situation.