SunMoney Solar Group

SunMoney Solar Group is a group of international companies headquartered in Dubai, building, acquiring and operating solar power plants in Central Eastern Europe.

The group is running a global community solar power program with already 25 thousand clients in 57 countries. The community solar power program is bringing the solar investment opportunity for small private investors since 2013.

SunMoney’s business model is simple: clients buy into the company’s pool of solar power plants by the Watts, which the company supports and maintains for them and sells the electricity on their behalf. The clients get the revenue based on their share every month. The clients get access to the Solar Accounting System and SunMoney’s Mastercard too. The company is also making use of artifical intelligence (AI) in its system.

SunMoney is the member of the United Nations Global Compact and the International Solar Energy Society.

SunMoney has a very active global community of members and supporters, who believe that we can save the planet and make money too.

The group is currently looking for investors and partners to boost growth and introduce its unique business model to clients in the MENA region.