Sarfraz Dairkee

General Manager Corporate Dev. & Engineering, M.A.H.Y Khoory

Sarfraz is a professional with a zeal for innovative solutions aiming Sustainability with Enhanced Profitability. Ascribed with delivering economical, environmentally friendly outcomes with interdisciplinary approach and solutions based, seamlessly integrating resulting elegant solutions. He has hands on working experience in the field of Energy, Water and Resource Management. Sarfraz is awarded with the Patents for the “High Performance (VLT to IR Ratio) Glazing Unit” and patents under review for “Enhanced Absorption Refrigeration” and “Water Rejuvenation”.  He has been conferred with the prestigious “Fellow Membership of Association of Energy Engineers-USA, a first to a person in MENA and Asia. He is Qualified Trainer for the CEM and CEA of AEE. He is working with MAHY Khoory & Co. LLC, Dubai