Decarbonization Champion In Power Sector

DACA 2022- 'Decarbonization Champion In Power Sector' recognizes the leadership of power companies in the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable economy. It celebrates companies that are leading the way in strategizing, reporting and reducing carbon impacts, those that are publishing robust targets to manage performance, those that are aligning with global energy transition commitments, and those that are demonstrating true leadership in innovative ways.

Winners will demonstrate successful strategic planning for climate action that aligns with top performance and growth while embracing a radically new business and trading environment. Entries should convey reliable and robust system operations, early and consistent development of customer-centric and climate friendly technologies and protocols, creation and maintenance of diverse and comprehensive energy supply mix with healthy and manageable portfolios while at the same time ensuring that the power supply is resilient to risks in terms of grid stability, flexibility and the threat of cyber security.

Entries may include setting and achieving ambitious carbon targets, navigating financial and political complexities, and fortifying plans for continued threats of cyber and physical attacks on the power grid. Most importantly, the submissions should be a comprehensive articulation of the management’s commitment to sustainability, the measures taken to frame them in terms of policy framework, the intelligent & consistent driving process to implement them and dialogues with the stakeholder community.

Judges will also focus on evidence of industry-wide impact since January 2020, in addition to considering the three-year track record of an entrant.

Who can participate?
This award is open to different types of power producers (coal, gas, nuclear, oil, hydroelectric, solar, wind, other renewables, utilities, system operators, System Integrators, specialist suppliers, regional market entities and fully integrated power producers).