Anne Marie Thodsen

Managing Director, The Umbrella Institute

Anne Marie Thodsen is the Managing Director of The Umbrella Institute, a UAE based ESG & Sustainability advisory. The Umbrella Institute is specialized in business behavior and triple bottom line transformation, ESG & Sustainability reporting, and program development. Thodsen’s passion lies in empowering leaders taking action their organizational triple bottom line impact - And advocating the effects of the change to other business leaders.

Thodsen is a serial entrepreneur who has worked in the area of sustainability and corporate responsibility for more than a decade. She has been involved in business transformation at the operational level, as the GM in a Middle Eastern construction company and owner of a green storage facility in Denmark.
Thodsen’s strategy centers around the firm knowledge that companies who share openly and act responsibly, drives greater engagement and ultimately have a more loyal customer base and sustainable income for the long-term.

She is a member of ARISE UAE the business network for the UN Disaster Risk Reduction Network (UNDRR) and Chair of judges at Gulf Sustainability Awards in 2020 and 2021.