Advocate in Climate Action Innovation and Impact

Climate change is creating existential crisis going by the events unfolding in from of us. While addressing the challenge of climate change is indeed a priority for businesses, how they respond, how they innovate and how they create positive impact is becoming more of an art than science. Ultimately, it is innovation and impact that determine whether we succeed in meeting our ‘net zero carbon’

Given the humongous space sustainability offers, the opportunities for innovation and impact are extensive. It could be across the plethora of sectors such as power, transport, industries, agriculture, buildings, etc. or into specific sub sectors. It could be technologically driven such as development of an app or a specific initiative ion the field of water, waste, transport, logistics, that might help customers save energy/resources or transition away from fossil fuels in a new and creative way; it could be regenerative and climate positive in its design. It could encourage behavior change for the benefit of our climate and our well-being.

This award recognizes an organization making significant steps to bridge the gap between the current unsustainable scenario and a potentially optimistic sustainable future. Innovation is central to this and accordingly this award for this attribute in fields of engineering, science and technology that demonstrate a significant contribution to sustainability and making a positive impact on current environmental issues and challenges. Specific focus is on the climate action that encapsulates THE BEST of innovative, creative and sustainable contributions to the physical and social environment.

This award will be presented to an organization demonstrating INNOVATION in climate action and actively leading and DELIVERING IMPACT and scale with climate action. Climate change is generating a myriad of new risks and opportunities. New products, services and business models are needed which help us move quickly to a ‘net zero carbon’ economy. This award takes cognizance of the extreme levels of innovation within organizations that help them to move beyond “simple emission reductions” to NET ZERO IMPACT and beyond to becoming even “CLIMATE POSITIVE”.

This award celebrates organizations that are consciously, deliberately and consistently improving people’s lives through its day-to-day business practices and making sure that people involved in or affected by their activities are better off than they would be otherwise.

Who can participate?

This award is open to organizations and businesses that have shown leadership in Innovations that have resulted in genuine, quantifiable and verifiable impacts across the stakeholder community. This award is open to any organizations that have successfully demonstrated that they delivered the desired IMPACT in their target group.

Any organization that has actively ingrained INNOVATION through its products or services including technology systems or manufacturing techniques, in-house wellbeing policies, supply chains, procurement, location, investment or through business models and has succeeded in bringing about a POSITIVE IMPACT on employees, local communities and the wider population.

Any organization that has strategized a clear innovative plan to influence their staff, suppliers and customers and have in the process achieved broader and deeper impact on emissions reduction. They are preparing for the effects of climate change. They inspire others to follow.

Organizations that have taken a rigorous and holistic view of the climate change and in the process encapsulated innovation into their products and process for IMPACTS. Such an approach should show a distinct benefit to the environment and to the sustainability of the company and its customer.

Participating companies must have achieved good level of Environmental impact in several of the following aspects namely: Energy use reduction, Water use reduction, Raw material use reduction, Waste disposal reduction/recycling, Toxics use reduction, Sustainable material sourcing, Renewable energy use, Product recyclability/reusability and Responsible or more efficient land use. On the Business front, the impacts can be reflected in Cost savings, Increased revenue, Access to new markets/customers, Increased customer satisfaction or engagement or Improved employee retention.