Registration for Decarbonization and Climate Action Awards (DACA Awards)

The 1st edition of Decarbonization and Climate Action awards (DACA) will take place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The core objectives of DACA Awards are to celebrate organizations that exemplify climate commitment through well-conceived visions and administered policies. It further recognizes entities that have managed to navigate the sustainability journey in a coherent manner and making meaningful, relevant, and genuine contributions both in terms of climate mitigation and adaptation.

The main objective of DACA Awards is to push the frontiers of genuine climate action and sustainability to new limits through a well-structured program that engages a wide group of audience and in the process brings to fore the serious issues that the world faces. It is also intended to encourage key actors from across a wide range of sectors to participate and showcase their skills and achievements in this space. DACA Awards is expected to serve as a reliable and trustworthy platform that stakeholders would be attracted to spread the right message on climate action and encourage more and more players to move out of their comfort zone and drive sustainability.